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Student Drop-off & Pick-Up Instructions

Posted Date: 08/07/2023

Student Drop-off & Pick-Up Instructions

Help us keep everyone safe by reading and following the Drop off & Pick up procedures.

Safety is our priority. Please review and follow the procedure:

  • ALL students arriving by car must be dropped off by the FEMA/Gym entrance(s) between 8:10-8:35.  After 8:35 students must enter at the main office (door #1) to get a tardy pass.

  • Follow the instructions of staff

  • Drive slowly and pay attention (eyes up, cell phones down)

  • Stay in your car. Do not park or leave your car unattended in the car line.

  • Do not block crosswalks or stop in the bus lane.

  • Display student name card and take it down once your child is in your car.

  • Please be considerate of others

  • Single lane drop off in the morning. Double lane pick up in the afternoon. Always double lane serpentine through the parking lot.


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